Roof Replacement Customer Testimonial from Trisula S. in Suwanee, GA

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My neighbor's were getting their roof replaced recently due to the storm damage on their roof. They went with BonnerBuilt to get their roof replaced. The way the contractor went about replacing their roof and the workmanship and cleanliness of the crew impressed me so I reached out to Jason Bonner from BonnerBuilt to see if my roof had any damage. Turns out there indeed was damage and the Insurance company agreed to replace the roof. 
The insurance company agreed to replace my roof since the original shingles that I had on my roof were faulty and discontinued (Atlas Chalet shingles). BonnerBuilt and I entered into a contract soon. I insisted that they put Owens Corning Duration shingles (Driftwood color as my wife liked it immensely). BonnerBuilt promptly scheduled the crew, within a week from the signing of the contract to come out and replace the roof.  The day of the installation, all the material was delivered to my house, dumpster and the whole nine yards. The crew tore the old shingles down and started putting the new shingles on. They were done about 30 to 40% replacing and I was then able to take a peek at how the new shingles were looking (there was one area of the roof that I could see from my second floor bed room). They turned out  be different color than what I asked for. I immediately reached out to Jason to make him aware of the situation. Turns out there was a mistake on Jason's part and the wrong shingles were delivered to my house. Jason offered me two options since the roof was about 30 to 40% complete at that point. The first option was, if we liked the shingles that were already installed, he can go ahead and complete the installation but since these were not the shingles we asked for, he would double the workmanship warranty from 5 to 10 years and extend the manufacturer warranty for defects to full 50 years without prorating as a compensation.
The second option was to rip off the wrong shingles and install the shingles we asked for. I discussed with my wife and my wife was fixated upon the Duration shingles so I conveyed to Jason to rip off the wrong shingles and install Duration shingles. This happened on a Saturday afternoon. Even though the shingle delivery company was not open on a Saturday, Jason paid some extra $200 to a driver to get the right shingles delivered to my house that same afternoon. The crew completed the roof the following Tuesday evening and I must say my wife and I immensely love the color of the new shingles and they definitely increased the curb appeal of my house greatly. 
It is a fact that I was upset initially that wrong shingles were put on my house but the way Jason handled the situation was amazing. I always evaluate companies by the way they value their word and BonnerBuilt folks kept their word and were man enough to own up to their mistake and correct the situation all at their cost. I can imagine the hit they must have taken for keeping their crew of 10 for an extra day and the loss in terms of material etc.
I am more than happy to be writing this testimonial for them and take it from me folks, it is these kind of contractors that we need more in this day and age and they get 5 stars for the way they handled the project. We are very happy with the professionalism exhibited by this company. Kudos!!!
- Trisula S. of Suwanee, GA
Wednesday, December 9th
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