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Bonner Built Case Studies: Leaking Mansard Roof Replacement in Dunwoody

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 by Jason Bonner


We received a call from the owners of this gorgeous home in Dunwoody, concerning a significant amount of water making its way indoors. This job was particularly tricky because the home had a mansard roof, exemplified by its flat top and four sloping sides around the house. The flat portion of mansard roofs often cause a problem when, after a bit of heavy rains, the water is unable to slide off the roof as it would normally do with the typical sloped structure. Instead the mansard roofs experience a pooling effect, allowing the water to sit stagnant on the roof's surface, potentially damaged the shingles and rotting the wood decking below.


We sent a member of our trusted team of professionals to provide an in-depth inspection of the existing structure and to pinpoint the origins of the leaks. We then sat with the homeowners to discuss not only their options to fix their current problem in an estimate, but measures that can be taken to prevent pooling water from damaging their home again in the future. Our crews tore up the existing shingles, as well as diagnosed and replaced any water damaged and rotting wood on the roof deck. Additionally, the Bonner Built crew installed small, slight slopes to help redirect future water to sides of the roof that allow any moisture to run off the structure. We finally laid brand new shingles to restore the roof's original luster. This was a bit of a tricky job, but Bonner Built always appreciates the challenge and we're happy to help our wonderful customers!

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