Award Ribbon

Owens Corning Excellence Award

Awarded on Friday, March 15th, 2019

CONGRATULATIONS! You won a 2019 Excellence Award!
This new award category for both Service Excellence and Product Excellence was highlighted during this year's Platinum Conference.  Here's a brief description and criteria for each of the Excellence awards.

- This award recognized excellence in overall System Selling performance for America's number one most trusted and recognized roofing brand.

- Recipients of this award have helped homeowners understand the benefit of an Owens Corning roofing system to help protect the home.

- Contractors may qualify for one of three award levels, as measured by accessory attachment rate (percentage of Owens Corning accessory products based on total submitted invoice dollars).


- This award recognizes excellence for providing consistent, superior customer experience. Contractors may qualify for one of three award levels based upon average survey response and likely to recommend rates.

- Surveys are facilitated and measured through GuildQuality, which is an independent third party organization that provides customer satisfaction surveys for building professionals.

- Criteria: Response Rate of at least 60% or 75 completed responses.


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